Helpful stretches to integrate into a rolling routine include: (Always go slow being mindful of limits to how far your body can safely stretch. Breathe long, slow, deep and natural holding a pose 10 seconds to 2 minutes.)

Here are some examples of how to use a rolling pin for therapy:

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This 15 inch x 2.25 inch rolling pin is made from Colorado Beetle Kill pine wood…a material selected locally for its eco-conscious sourcing as well as therapeutic and even culinary applications. This is a very easy tool to use for gentle and deep tissue massage. Many rolling pin techniques are executed with the person positioned over it on the floor. Rolling techniques used on a foam roller easily carry over to how this rolling pin can be used. It can also be held in both hands and slid over the sore muscle areas in the legs and spine. Always move slowly with the pin, protecting from pushing too hard over bone or areas of tight muscle to avoid risking injury. Keep attention on your breathing being long, slow, deep and natural. Focus on what you are feeling and how you are moving with mindful intent. Hold pressure into sore points in the muscles without moving for 20 seconds-2 minutes while breathing deep and natural. Gentle rocking of the body over the pin can help loosen areas of tension. Holding the pin by the ends and gently sliding pin along legs and back in line with the body also helps flush/detox muscles and lymph. 

Precautions: This tool has not been scientifically verified to diagnose or treat any condition. Care should be used at all times when applying therapy with this pin. Consult your healthcare provider for any precautions regarding possible medical conditions you have as it relates to therapeutic massage and natural medicine.

Caring for your pin can be as easy as periodic washing with soap or natural cleaner and a light oiling. Please note that the pin you receive may have slight variations in appearance due to the nature of the material, i.e: the wood grain and/or color varies from one pin to the next.